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All her life E. Ilyinskaya devoted to icon restoration. She is a person that mastered all secrets of ancient art; now she is constantly perfecting herself in her work. Studying of ancient works of art Ekaterina had mastered the experience of a century tradition. An experienced and talented painter? She creates beautiful icons full of life. Her works are strikingly spiritual, everyone looking at them feels an impact to improve himself.

Ekaterina painted the icons for some Moscow churches? Among them are: the central icon of Ilya the Prophet for the Ilya the Prophet church (Ilyinka st. 3/8) and the central icon of Our Lady`s "Vladimirskaya" for Vladimirsky neph of apostles Pyotr and Pavel`s church (Novaya Basmannay st. 11).

Restoration archives of photos and drawings of the ancient samples greatly help her. These interesting and voluminous archives inestimably contribute to the investigating and preserving of our cultural heritage.

One must pay attention to the work done for preserving and restoring the ancient Russian icons. Deep knowledge of tradition and painter`s talent give a new life to rare works of art that are an integral part of our culture. Icons restored by Ekaterina do not lack their ancient originality/ She keenly feels the stile and copying the ancient painter`s manner, reconstructs damage fragments organically compatible with the rest of the icon so that her work might be noticed only with the help of photographs made before restoration.

Ekaterina Ilyinskaia took part with a colorful display in the exhibition "My gift to the jubilee of Moscow" which is held in Minor Manege building. She was granted the diploma of "The participant of preparation activities of 850 years foundation of Moscow celebration" at an exhibition "Souvenirs, food stuffs a printing products for 850 years of Moscow foundation" at Major building of Novy Arbat.

Ekateria has her followers. She shares her experience with young painters and conveys her secrets to them. In our time when the Church is resurrecting, Moscow needs such painters. It is wonderful that is skillful artist brings up a new generation of painters.

Now Ekaterina pays more attention to family icons representing family saints. The tradition of family icons is a many-century old, keeps the family together, strengthens it and family morals. It would be beatiful to see such icons in every house and this is Ekaterina and her collaborators who take part in this reviving action.

Ekaterina Ilyinskaya, the icon painter and restorer, plays a great role in preserving our spiritual heritage and restoring Moscow as a historical and orthodox capital.

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