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Icon is a window to a spiritual world. When we have an icon in our house, we are getting in touch with transfigurated paradise world. Looking to the icon image, we feel ourselves more sublimated and happier.

Russian man is an Orthodox and deeply religious person. Icons are to be placed on the special shelf, in a place adored by a shavel and flowers, in co-called "red corner" ("red" has the "most beautiful" meaning). In front of the sacred icons a lamp is burning constantly, as a symbol of our prayer, people light candles as the sign of our love to God, read praying canons, laudatory akaphists. Icons are the property of family. Icons are blessed for newly married to long and happy life, the icons are given by right of succession are the first thing to be carried to the new house.

Icons are painted especially for a marriage or to a birth of a heir.

Icons are also ordered for special events. So it is known, that the selected saints help in special cases, for example: Gury, Samon and Aviv help in a unhappy marriage, sacred Sergey Radonejsky - in a teaching. Our Lady`s icon have wonderful power: "Calm to grieves" - in depressions and diseases, "Ever-lasting Cap" - in alcoholism and drug addiction, "The search of lost" - for missing soldiers and so on. Each image have its own history. Every icon can be wonder - working out of our firm Christian faith.

There are also family icons bearing an image of family member`s patrons. Saints are painted on the margins of the favorite icon. So saint stand in front of God and Our Lady and pray with the family members about their kin. Sometimes the selected saints are placed on the special icon and over them, in clouds, Christ blessing them or Our Lady covered them by her Cover, are painted.

Rich men made donations of large amounts of money on a maintenance of churches. They built the churches after the names of their patrons.

So the tzar of Russia Ivan the Terrible built the St.Basil`s Cathedral in honor of his father`s patrons. And the church of saint Michael Malenin was build after the name of tzar Michael Fedorovich`s patron.

A man is alive not only out of daily bread! There is mysterious "red corner" on a soul of every man.

Our workshop is providing a revival of ancient icon-painting tradition. We are painting the icons in the traditional technics, tested by centures, using natural materials (also semi-gems: malachit, lasurit, auripigment and so on). We are pounding them in a powder state and make paints on a base of egg yolk. Painting sacred icons, we are using plantiful archives collected by us (more than 500 drawings and 1500 photographs). These icons were restored by our workshop.

It is a real relationship of times - an ancient heritage, reviving again.

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